Fighting Fraud: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors

Fighting Fraud: Behind the Smoke & Mirrors

If it seems like fraud is popping up everywhere these days, that’s because it is. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that U.S. organizations lose 7% of their gross revenue to employee fraud and abuse. That comes to a whopping $994 billion per year; and those losses come straight out of your bottom line. "Fighting Fraud" is both entertaining and informative. The presentation is illustrated with magic and fascinating stories about actual frauds. Topics include:

  • The nature and prevalence of fraud.
  • How fraud happens.
  • Why fraud happens.
  • Tips for minimizing fraud.
Participants will gain valuable insight into the nature and prevalence of fraud and become more aware of how to minimize its effects.

John Tonsick, Financial Investigations Practice, Risk Solutions and Investigations (CA)