Arresting Inefficiencies - An Overview of the Long Beach Police Department

As in most cities, the Police Department of Long Beach, California is the biggest single item in the City’s General Fund. Ensuring that the City is managing its funds efficiently is more crucial than ever in these challenging economic times. For these reasons, City Auditor Laura Doud chose to conduct a review of the Long Beach Police Department. Ms. Doud will present an overview of the Long Beach Police Department audit and explain how, in assessing the Police Department’s operational practices, 12 initiatives were identified to improve police efficiency. The audit benefited the City’s General Fund by more than $4 million in the first year of implementation through containing overtime, replacing officers behind desks with civilians, updating technology, and increasing enforcement. Come and hear how you can use similar audit techniques to bring savings and create efficiencies in your organization.

Laura Doud, City Auditor, City of Long Beach (CA)

Presentation handout available here.